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“101 ways to praise a child”

30 Δεκεμβρίου 2013, από Evaggelia Makaleka

*Wow *Way To Go *Super * You’re Special *Outstanding

 *Excellent *Great *Good *Neat *Well Done *Remarkable 

*I Knew You Could Do It *I’m Proud Of You *Fantastic *Super Star *Nice Work

 *Looking Good *You’re On Top Of It *Beautiful *Now You’re Flying *You’re

 Catching On *Now You’ve Got It *You’re Incredible *Bravo *You’re

 Fantastic *Hurray For You *You’re On Target *You’re On Your Way *How Nice

 *How Smart *Good Job *That’s Incredible *Hot Dog *Dynamic *You’re

 Beautiful *You’re Unique *Nothing Can Stop You Now *Good For You *I like

 You *You’re A Winner *Remarkable Job *Beautiful Work *Spectacular *You’re

 Spectacular *You’re A Darling *You’re Precious *Great Discovery *You’ve

 Discovered The Secret *You Figured It Out *Fantastic Job *Hip, Hip, Hurray

 *Bingo *Magnificent *Marvelous *Terrific *You’re Important

 *Phenomenal *You’re Sensational *Super Work *Creative Job *Super Job

 *Fantastic Job *Exceptional Performance *You’re A Real Trooper

 *You Are Responsible *You Are Exciting *You Learned It Right *What An

 Imagination *What A Good Listener *You Are Fun *You’re Growing Up *YouTried 

Hard *You Care *Beautiful Sharing *Outstanding Performance

 *You’re A Good Friend *I Trust You *You’re Important *You Mean A lot To

 Me *You Make Me Happy *You Belong*You’ve Got A Friend *You Make Me

 Laugh *You Brighten My Day *I Respect You *You Mean The World To Me

 *That’s Correct *You’re A Joy *You’re A Treasure *You’re Wonderful 

*You’re Perfect *Awesome *A Plus Job *You’re The Best *A Big Hug *A Big Kiss

 *I Love You!