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Methodology & Assessment

The teaching method used in our schools enables us to achieve the primary goal we have set for all our students that is to help them succeed in mastering a foreign language It is a combination of the most effective teaching methods according to current research and findings in the field of ELT.


Language is essentially a means of communication and students need to learn how to use it effectively in order to meet their future goals.


Engaging our students in team work allows them to reach their full potential and foster their teamwork skills without unnecessary angst.


By exposing our students to authentic, real-life situations, we help them feel confident to use the language in similar settings later on in life.


We teach language as a tool which can enable students express their creativity and use their imagination in different situations by participating in activities beyond the classroom.

Our wide experience has shown us that the teaching approach followed in our schools brings the desired results. This is why we have used a variety of up-to-date, carefully selected materials to assist us in the implementation of our methodology.

ELT books
The books chosen for our courses are all of major ELT publishers with years of research in methodology and contain activities which help students develop all language skills.

Our own material
Our own, self-selected material which aims at bridging any gaps that may occur and also supplements our syllabus so as to meet students’ individual needs according to their learning style.

Not only do literary texts reflect people’s culture and values, they also expose us to a great abundance of authentic language.

Online content, interactive whiteboards and e-books are all available at our schools which have moved into the digital age in order to satisfy the needs of our students.

Depending on their free time and interests, students are given the opportunity to participate in different activities like drama, art, projects, trips, film screenings etc.

Our students’ progress is evaluated continuously through different types of assessment; that is orally, in written from, through tests and projects etc. as well as in other ways that can help us quickly identify any problems and redefine our learning goals.

Remedial Courses
Supplementary lessons can be arranged in case a student struggles to meet the demands of their level, either because they have excessive absences or face other problems.

Parent Days
In order for any learning process to be successful, we feel it is essential to cooperate closely with our students’ families and regularly inform parents on their children’s progress. At the beginning of every school year, parents are informed about the way the school operates as well as about parent-teacher meetings and report card days.