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Speak Up! (Communication English)

A course aiming at developing and polishing your speaking skills

The objective of the Speak Up! programme is to focus on the characteristics and peculiarities of spoken English, as well as to provide targeted practice on a wide range of topics. This aims to make the student feel comfortable at speaking English.

The Speak Up! programme is designed for individuals who need to speak English, whether for personal or professional reasons, and although they have taken English lessons in the past, they feel lacking in the ability to communicate orally. The seminar offers two directions: A: Language reinforcement B: Oral communication for professional purposes. Both directions aim to focus students’ attention on the norms of spoken English and maximize their practice, resulting in a more natural use of English. The direction for professional purposes is mainly aimed at professionals who wish to use their English for professional reasons such as negotiations, professional presentations, or public speaking.

Learning experientially

learning easily

12 weeks

years old

One or two, two-hour classes

Covered topics include

  • Differences between written and spoken language
  • Cultural aspects of the language
  • Linguistic politeness and the related differences between Greek and English
  • Current affairs of English-speaking countries
  • Practice in public speaking