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Interactive Whiteboards

An interactive whiteboard is a powerful new tool that brings technology in the service of language learning Its use provides students at “YES” schools with a unique learning experience that boosts their creativity. The use of interactive whiteboards satisfies the needs of every student regardless of their learning style.
Here are the benefits of interactive whiteboards for students:

  • They increase student motivation and raise the level of student engagement in the classroom. Lessons become more enjoyable and fun!
  • They provide students with more opportunities for collaborative work, thus improving their personal and social skills.
  • They offer enhanced content presentation which makes complex and abstract terms easy to understand.
  • They are effective for all types of learners.
  • They help increase students’ confidence.

Web Platform

“YES! English Language Centre” offers its students the opportunity to engage in an e-learning experience by providing them access to a 100% safe e-learning environment.

Through the “e-yes” educational platform, students can check their homework, communicate directly with their teachers, upload their own blog posts, find out about the school’s latest news and do so much more!

Our school’s unique platform also features a fully updated digital library with links on topics relating to English language learning.

The platform’s innovative design is mobile-friendly and is in accordance with all the latest standards used in app and social media environments. That means that students can access the platform from their mobile phones or any other portable device!

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