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Literature – Theatre – Cinema


In our schools we strongly feel that literature offers excellent opportunities for children to learn a foreign language more effectively.

That is why we frequently hold Book Readings where we read and analyze selected, level-appropriate works of English literature. As a result, our students enjoy an enhanced learning experience, develop higher order thinking skills, enrich their vocabulary and become more aware of the English culture.

Drama Club

Also, in our schools children get the opportunity to explore the world through the lens of the theater! By joining our drama club our students collaborate with their teachers to create a play in English which they present at the end of the school year. The availability of our drama club service depends on student participation and is offered to our students free of charge.

Film Nights

We regularly organize film nights which give students the chance to watch films they enjoy in English. This way, they enhance their listening skills, strengthen their relationship with one another and -most importantly- have fun. This service is offered to our students free of charge.